The Quantum Fax Machine is a series of monthly posts covering technology, innovation, leadership, and the future.

Each reading list covers a specific topic in technology to help you keep up to date with things as they happen over the course of each month.

Each week, I spend a bit of time daily reading and digesting content on a range of topics. If something piques my interest or is worthwhile saving for future reference, I generate a summary (with the help of GPT) and rate the article on a scale of 1 to 5 propellor hats. At the end of each month, I collect the links and references and publish them as a series of link-link posts.

There are currently four reading lists in the Quantum Fax Machine catalog:

Reading ListAbout Actions
Machine Intelligence Reading List
A collection of links and references on everything interesting during the previous month related to machines behaving intelligently.
Elixir Reading List
A collection of the best links and references from the Elixir programming ecosystem over the last month.
Engineering Leadership Reading List
A collection of the best links from last month relating to managing and leading engineers (and product managers and everyone else involved in building digital products and services).
Irresponsible AI Reading List
A collection of interesting and enlightening links on real-world examples of machines -- and humans -- behaving irresponsibly or unexpectedly when using intelligent machines.

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