QFM007: Engineering Leadership Reading List February 2024

Everything that I found interesting last month about engineering leadership.

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Here is everything I found interesting about Engineering Leadership during February 2024.

This month’s list draws out the recurring theme of the pivotal role of effective communication, trust-building, and leadership behaviour in fostering a productive and innovative engineering culture.

Articles like The Secret to a Great Planning Process - Lessons from Airbnb and Eventbrite and Top Managers Are Abandoning RACI for Impact Delegation highlight innovative frameworks and approaches to planning and delegation that prioritise clarity, collaboration, and empowerment. Continuing the theme of progressing through engineering ranks we have a list of falsehoods that junior developers believe about becoming senior. Contrast this with a perspective from the other side of the table as a new manager looks back on what changes in the step up from individual contributor. Followed up with with 5 Pieces of Advice for Junior Software Engineers Starting their First Job. Finally, if you want to get the vocabulary of management then the DIY MBA: My Reading List is a good, if somewhat selectively edited, place to start.

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Key Drivers for Engineering Experience and Performance: 3-out-of-5-hats This article discusses key factors that drive engineering experience and performance, highlighting the importance of psychological safety, trust, short feedback loops, and reducing cognitive load to enhance productivity and creativity in engineering teams. #Engineering #Productivity #Teamwork #Innovation #DeveloperExperience

The Secret to a Great Planning Process - Lessons from Airbnb and Eventbrite: 3-out-of-5-hats This article outlines a structured planning process called the “W Framework,” developed from the authors’ experiences at Airbnb and Eventbrite, focusing on clear roles and collaboration across leadership and teams to create effective, cohesive plans. It emphasises the importance of providing context, integrating plans, and ensuring buy-in to avoid common pitfalls in planning. #PlanningSuccess #TeamCollaboration #StrategicPlanning #Leadership #WFramework

Falsehoods Junior Developers believe about becoming Senior: 2-out-of-5-hats This article debunks common myths junior developers have about becoming senior, revealing that seniority involves embracing complex responsibilities, continuous learning, and dealing with legacy systems, rather than just working with the latest technologies or having more leisure time. It emphasises the importance of problem-solving, communication, and adaptability in the tech industry. #SeniorDeveloper #TechCareer #ContinuousLearning #LegacySystems #DeveloperMyths

The One Key To Building And Keeping A Great Company Culture: 2-out-of-5-hats This article emphasises that the essence of a great company culture is not found in perks like free lunches or retreats, but rather in self-reflection and leadership behaviour that fosters a positive, productive environment. Leaders set the cultural tone, making it crucial for them to embody the values and behaviours they wish to see in their team. _[ED: I’m not sure that there is ever just “one thing” when it comes to topics like culture] #CompanyCulture #Leadership #SelfReflection #TeamDynamics #WorkplaceValues

From engineer to manager: what I love, what I hate: 2-out-of-5-hats The article shares the author’s personal journey and reflections on transitioning from an individual contributor in engineering to a managerial role, highlighting the increased impact, career opportunities, and challenges faced in management, alongside the struggle with corporate dynamics and social issues within teams. #CareerGrowth #Leadership #EngineeringManagement #WorkplaceChallenges #TeamDynamics

Unlocking the Potential of One‑on‑One Discussions 3-out-of-5-hats This article emphasises the importance of 1-1 meetings for building trust, providing clarity and direction, supporting execution, and fostering personal development in a managerial context. It outlines a structured approach to making 1-1 discussions meaningful and impactful for both managers and their reports. #OneOnOneMeetings #LeadershipDevelopment #ManagerTips #EmployeeGrowth #ProfessionalDevelopment

The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster: 3-out-of-5-hats This article emphasises the importance of conducting effective one-on-one meetings to manage and support employees effectively. It categorises these meetings into three types: The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster, offering strategies for handling each scenario to ensure communication remains productive and employees feel valued. #Management #Leadership #EmployeeEngagement #OneOnOneMeetings #WorkplaceCulture

Separating “best practice” from baggage: 3-out-of-5-hats The article discusses the challenge of distinguishing between valuable “best practices” and less useful “baggage” when transitioning to new roles or environments. He emphasises the importance of adopting practices that genuinely contribute to team and project success while being cautious of those that may not fit well in a new context. #BestPractices #Leadership #TeamDevelopment #Innovation #CareerGrowth

Top Managers Are Abandoning RACI for Impact Delegation: 3-out-of-5-hats This article discusses the shift from RACI, a traditional framework for defining roles and responsibilities, to Impact Delegation, which focuses on empowering team members with clear ownership and autonomy to achieve goals efficiently and flexibly. #RACI #ImpactDelegation #Leadership #TeamManagement #Productivity

5 Pieces of Advice for Junior Software Engineers Starting their First Job: 3-out-of-5-hats This article provides crucial advice for junior software engineers starting their first job, including the importance of showing eagerness to learn, setting personal boundaries, avoiding negative influences, learning through struggle, and ensuring clear expectations for success. These guidelines aim to help newcomers navigate their early careers with confidence and a constructive mindset. #SoftwareEngineering #CareerAdvice #JuniorDevTips #TechMentorship #ProfessionalGrowth

How to get good at giving feedback: 3-out-of-5-hats This article emphasises the importance of debunking common myths about feedback and outlines a four-step process to improve feedback skills: asking for permission, describing behaviour, highlighting impact, and encouraging future action. It also stresses building trust to make feedback more effective and creating a culture where feedback is seen as a growth tool rather than criticism. #FeedbackCulture #LeadershipSkills #ProfessionalGrowth #EffectiveCommunication #TeamDevelopment

Effective Technical Leadership: 2-out-of-5-hats This article outlines essential qualities and practices for effective technical leadership, focusing on increasing knowledge, speed, and awareness. It emphasises the importance of coaching over direct management, making quick and informed decisions, and leading by example through active coding and problem-solving. #TechnicalLeadership #TechLead #EngineeringExcellence #LeadershipDevelopment #CodingWisdom

DIY MBA: My Reading List: 1-out-of-5-hats Chris Stoneman shares his self-curated DIY MBA reading list, spanning various essential business topics such as accounting, marketing, management, global economics, strategy, creativity, and productivity, aimed at replicating an MBA education independently. This list isn’t going to provide much for the experienced manager or MBA graduate, but for those looking to get a high-level overview of the concepts and topics you might find in an MBA, this might be useful. #DIY #MBA #SelfLearning #BusinessBooks #ProfessionalGrowth #EducationInnovation

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